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Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc.

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation

Franklin Tennessee

Rescue & Rehabilitat‚Äčion

Since 2011

Are you wanting to share some time with a furry friend but aren't quite ready for adoption? We've got a solution for you!! (And it's fun too!)

How 'bout this...

*6 month foster contract

*All vet visits covered

*Supplies given upon request

*Fosters can even live as far as 2 hours away from us!

Our foster parents are second to none!

For the 6 months that you foster a particular bunny and/or guinea pig, you (and the foster furry, of course) are treated like the royalty that you are! We stay in constant contact with you, giving you the assurance that your foster friend has not been "dumped" or abandoned on you. We also work just as hard on getting the foster furry in your home adopted as we do the adoptables in our shelter!

So NO foster failures... Unless that's what YOU want!


Check out Little Dude in action! *Former foster of super bunny mom, Kendall Frazier*

Little Dude

Little Dude is available for adoption!! Visit for more details!!


How did you hear about us?
Have you ever fostered a rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) before?
Do you:
Is your home:
Are you agreeable to periodic home visits and/or phone calls by a member of our staff to check on the welfare of your foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s)?
Do you agree that if you move from your current address that you will notify a member of Clover Patch Sanctuary of your new address and phone number?
Do you agree to contact a member of Clover Patch Sanctuary if your foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) dies?
Do you agree to contact ONLY Clover Patch Sanctuary if you wish to end your foster contract & only surrender your foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) to Clover Patch Sanctuary?
I agree to treat this rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) I am fostering as a member of my family with all the rights and privileges that I would give to the other animals in my home
I agree that I nor any other person will punish my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) with corporeal punishments, spankings,deprivation of food/water or isolation or ANY punishment since that is cruel and I will ONLY use positive reinforcement with my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s)
I agree to feed and care for my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) as prescribed by Clover Patch Sanctuary
I agree to take my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) to a Clover Patch Sanctuary veterinarian in the event of an emergency
I will board my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) with Clover Patch Sanctuary or hire a qualified pet sitter if/when I travel and I will NEVER leave my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) unattended during a vacation or trip
I will provide proper grooming for my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) including but not limited to brushing and nail trims (vet required)
I will house my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) indoors ONLY in an appropriate playpen or cage habitat approved by Clover Patch Sanctuary
I agree that I will only take my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) outside for fresh air and play time during short intervals and ONLY when supervised by an adult or responsible party over the age of 18
I will clean my foster rabbit(s) litter box and habitat daily (guinea pig cage weekly) never filling it with cat litter or any litter unsuitable for rabbits and/or guinea pigs
I will feed my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) unlimited amounts of grass hay as this promotes good health to my foster rabbit(s)/ guinea pig(s)
I will only pick up my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) in the appropriate way as explained and demonstrated by Clover Patch Sanctuary and I will never restrain my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) in any way
I understand FULLY that rabbits and/or guinea pigs are fragile creatures and must be handled carefully and respectfully, therefore I will always supervise my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) when in the company of small children
I acknowledge that I am responsible for the medical cost of my foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) if it becomes injured while in my care
I will allow Clover Patch Sanctuary to reclaim this foster rabbit(s)/guinea pig(s) if they deem that any of the above conditions have not been met
You fully understand that this agreement is valid for 6 months from the date signed unless other arrangements have been made between you and Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc.
You fully understand that this foster rabbit(s) and/or guinea pig(s) are the legal property of Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc. and they can reclaim them at any time for any reason.
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Thank you! Your information has been submitted successfully. If you haven't heard from us in 24 hours, please call us at (615) 473-1803.