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Bunny Birthday Parties By
Clover Patch Sanctuary!

"Hop Til You Drop"Hoppers LOVES to entertain at Bunny Birthday Parties, fundraisers & Easter Events!!  Hoppers dances to The Bunny Hop and always has treats for the little ones!  Kids get "one on one" time with him for BIG BUNNY HUGS and instruction for how to do The Bunny Hop!  If you want a bunny for Easter but are not ready for the 10 year commitment, think Hoppers!!  Hoppers is available throughout the year!  Give us a call for rates and availability for Hoppers to make your next party a "thumping" success!!! 

For Hoppers Party Info email Amy at:


You DON'T have to buy a rabbit for your child or children for Easter and/or parties! Clover Patch Sanctuary has made having a rabbit for Easter & events easy peasy!!

That's right!  Rent-A-Bunny is a BRAND NEW program offered through our shelter that will, we feel, help save bunny lives and reduce the problem of novelty purchases and/or dumping after holidays and events are over!!  When you rent a bunny, we bring the bunny (bunnies) out to your home/business/church/social event and allow everyone to visit our furry friends... AND you have the opportunity to take ALL the precious pictures you'd like with a member of Clover Patch Sanctuary standing by to offer assistance!!

Bunnies are a 10 plus year commitment and if you're not ready for that, think Rent-A-Bunny for your next event!!!  The cost of this service is a simple donation of $150  (depending on whether you'd like 1 rabbit or 2 rabbits for your event) and we take ALL the work out of it for you!!!

Email Amy at for more information on our Rent-A-Bunny program!!!

*Please be advised that any photo session event held outdoors is subject to change or cancellation based on weather and outdoor temperatures due to the safety and comfort of our animals.  All live plants used as props for indoor and/or outdoor photo sessions must be pre-approved with a member of Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc at least 10 days prior to the event.  Donation fee is based on a photo event lasting no more than 3 hours*

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