Clover Patch Sanctuary - Clover Patch Sanctuary

Below is our COMPLETE Bunny Book Packet that we normally give in paper format.  In our efforts to convert to a completely paper free rescue, we have uploaded several links that are EXTREMELY important for you to reference as a new bunny parent or an existing bunny parent that adopts from Clover Patch Sanctuary.  If you don't spend a lot of time on the internet or don't have access to our page continuously, please print each of these pages and keep them on hand.

BringingBunnyHome2.doc (DOC — 42 KB)
ImportantWebsites2.doc (DOC — 98 KB)

Feeding2.doc (DOC — 158 KB)

Supplies4.doc (DOC — 388 KB)
Pet10Commandments.docx (DOCX — 37 KB)

Health2.doc (DOC — 58 KB)
GoodPellet.docx (DOCX — 26 KB)

Toys2.doc (DOC — 426 KB)

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