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Bunny Bonding

The only thing better than one bunny is two bunnies!! If you already have a fluffy bunny as a member of your family, we can assure you, he/she would be happier with a life mate.  It is a proven fact that mated spayed/neutered bunnies live longer, happier and healthier lives.  One of the GREAT things about having a mated pair of bunnies is that they live in the same size habitat home... they eat out of the same food bowl and drink out of the same water bowl and to see them snuggled up... WOW!  So cute!!

If you are considering a mate for your current bunny, Clover Patch Sanctuary offers a wonderful bonding service to couple your rabbit with an orphaned bunny in our shelter.

Erin Hall at
Bunny Bungalow
for more details!!

(615) 812-7396

*Remember.... Bunnies pick their mates much like we do!  It's never your choice who your bunny falls in love with.... it's theirs!!

The Process: 

First, You will bring your bunny by our shelter (your current bunny MUST be already spayed/neutered) and we'll introduce them to many bunnies that might suit their personality.  We carefully observe their body language towards each other and determine if it's a match made in bun heaven!

Next, if we find a mate for your bunny, you will set up an appointment to bring your bunny to us.  You will leave your bunny with us for approximately 1-2 weeks for the bonding process which is done with the utmost care and safety for your rabbit (Some times the process is much quicker than 1-2 weeks depending on the bunny's temperaments).

Finally, your happy couple comes home! Simple as that!

FREE Extras Included In This Service:

*Discounts on boarding fees for short term or long term for holidays and vacations

*A custom wedding picture of your new fluffy couple

*Free nail cuttings & scent gland cleaning for your couple for all of their lives

*Access to our 24 hour hotline for all of your "bunny" questions and concerns

Have Your Next Wedding At Clover Patch Sanctuary!

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