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Small Furry Adoption Process
(Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Ferrets, Etc)

Before you consider adopting a pet, please make sure you don't have hay or pet allergies

Clover Patch Sanctuary has expanded to offer sanctuary to guinea pigs and small furries!  If you'd like to meet or adopt one of our small furry friends, email Andrea or Amber at to set up your appointment!

Step 1:  Contact our adoption counselors, Andrea Biggs or Amber Miller by email at to set up your appointment.  Appointments are flexible and we can accommodate meeting you on nights and/or weekends.  Appointments are conducted at our main shelter in Franklin Tennessee.

Step 2:  SUPPLIES!! Pre-purchasing your supplies will expedite the process of adoption. Plus you'll be able to take your guinea pig(s ) or small furry home on the same day you visit!  Supplies must include:

1. Water bottle
2. Food dish
3. Grass hay (timothy, orchard, oat -- NO ALFALFA)
4. Plain pelleted food (no food with seeds or colored pieces)
5. Carefresh or Crittercare or fleece pieces for bedding (pine, cedar, equine, kiln dried shavings NOT accepted)
6. Wooden "hidey" house or the like for inside the cage
7. Transport crate

++Examples below!++

**PLEASE NOTE:**  A photo of purchased supplies MUST be present on the day of adoption if you wish to take your guinea pig(s) or small furry home "same day" otherwise we can hold your chosen guinea pig(s) or small furry for up to 1 week while you gather your supplies.

Step 3:  Fill out your adoption contract (link below)!

Adoption Fee:  $40.00 per most guinea pig adoptions
$80 per Skinny guinea pig adoption
$20 hamster/gerbil adoption

*Inquire for adoption rates on ferrets, hedgehogs, etc*

**Based on single adoption**
**Adoption rate discounts often given on multiple/bonded/senior animal adoptions -- Skinny Pig guinea pigs adoption rate discounts are not available**


Payment Options!

Cash (email or text receipt provided upon request)
Check (email or text receipt provided upon request)

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